Often times, people ask us what we do here at PPM.  Most of you already know what we have to

offer. Rest assured, if it’s horrible and nobody else wants to touch it, we’ll do it!.


Having said that, below is an outline of all the services we specialise in:

  1. Pigeon and pest bird control systems.
  2. Commercial pest control, domestic pest control and integrated pest management systems.
  3. Void clearances and extreme cleaning.
  4. Green waste.
  5. Death scene cleanups/biocide sterilizations.
  6. Graffiti Removal.
  7. Damp proofing.
  8. Woodworm & other timber treatment solutions.
  9. Mould Analysis & condensation control systems in domestic premises.
  10. Environmental monitoring – sick building syndrome etc.
  11. Potable water testing.
  12. Aircraft, airside and hangar pest control.
  13. Zika Virus Control Programs & Malarial Vector Control Programs (Aircraft ‘Disinsections’ and Disinfections).
  14. Because of our airport and airline work, we also have airside passes for all of the major UK airports nationwide.

Whilst I’ve got my marketing hat on so-to-speak, I’m also very proud to say we have been voted the ‘Best Environmental Services and Pest Control Company’ two years on the trot now, and we continue to deliver pest control and environmental solutions to the following clients:

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PPM’s Client List


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