Months When Pests Strike!

Hopefully, the pest calendar below will give you an overview of what types of pests to look out for over the coming months.

PPM Pest Calendar

Other services

At PPM we have been providing a whole host of pharmaceutical companies, facilities management companies, Councils, Housing Associations, Universities, Airlines, Airports and other commercial organizations with a kind of one stop environmental shop.

Whilst pest control remains our core business, we now do everything from pest control, through to needle picks, disease vector control, death scene clear ups, void clearances and extreme cleans.

We like to think of ourselves as the hidden heroes in the FM world, and having recently won the Facilities Management Awards for the second time in a row [being voted the best pest control company in Bedfordshire], we continue to deliver the following “award winning” services:

  • Pigeon and pest bird control systems
  • Commercial pest control and integrated pest management systems
  • Void clearances and extreme cleaning
  • Aircraft, airside and hangar pest control
  • Zika Virus Control Programs & Malarial Vector Control Programs [Aircraft Disinsections and Disinfections]
  • Damp proofing, Woodworm [& other timber treatment solutions]
  • Mould Analysis
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Potable water testing

And because of our airport and airline work, we also have airside passes for all of the major UK airports nationwide.

Our contact details

At PPM we administer a lot of the pest control and void clearance work on behalf of our local Councils and Housing Associations.  We also deliver pest control to a large number of blue chip organisations nationwide.

Someone is always available to talk – please feel free to call us 01462 811818 / 01908 761761 / 01832 771949 or email

Bedfordshire Office 01462 811818 | Buckinghamshire Office 01908 761761 Northamptonshire Office  01832 771949

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