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Wasp Nest Pest Control

Lifestyle of wasps

Wasps can be regarded as beneficial insects. As the nests develop during the spring and early summer the workers collect insect larvae and thereby help control garden insect pests.

Wasps are often considered a nuisance however, particularly at the end of the summer when worker wasps indulge in their passion for sweet materials e.g. jam, plums, apples, pears.

It is the ability of wasps to cause painful stings that concerns most people and unlike bees, wasps can sting several times.

A single wasp begins construction on a nest that may eventually house more than 500 adults.

The queen lays four or five eggs in a small comb protected by several layers of papery material. She forages for wood fibres that are chewed and matted with saliva, and it is this substance that will form new layers for her nest.

Construction of the nest

The process is deliberate and precise: by the end of the summer, a large nest contains males, female workers, and a number of specially nurtured new queens, which leave the nest to begin their own nests come springtime.

With the onset of severe weather the nests die out. The Queens, which are larger than the workers “over-winter” in warmer undisturbed places like garden sheds, buildings, under loose bark, lofts and bird boxes.

The Queens emerge in the spring and build their nests again and then start laying eggs. Four to six weeks after the eggs are laid, the first generation of wasps emerge and the life cycle begins again.

Treating a wasps nest

We will need the exact location where the wasps are entering the building. You can usually spot the nest by following the flight path of returning wasps. By using a long spray lance and/or ladder we are able to inject a powdered wasp insecticide into the entry hole to eliminate the wasps.

The wasps getting to their nest get covered with the powder and take it into the nest so killing all the wasps.


What to do if you get stung

The rash or individual ‘spot’ is usually itchy and may become inflamed and swell.

Some people are strongly allergic to stings and can become very ill. If there is any shortness of breath, dial 999.

Scratching can cause stings to become infected. Although itchy and sometimes painful, stings are rarely dangerous and need only some antihistamine or local anaesthetic cream from your pharmacist. Ask your pharmacist for advice.

The redness and swelling are usually due to the allergic reaction rather than an infection, a cold compress is usually effective to control redness.

Call your doctor if the symptoms will not go away or if you are stung in the mouth, around the throat or receive multiple stings.

If you have a suspected problem with wasps, DO NOT TREAT IT YOURSELF…… wasps are protective of their nests and can become very aggressive if not handled correctly.

If you have a wasp nest that needs treating in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire or Buckinghamshire please ask us how we can help…

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