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There are approximately 700 species worldwide. Common species found in the UK, and dealt with by PPM include carpet beetles, leather beetles, kharpa beetles and larder beetles.

These pests are significant because of the damage they can do to textiles and carpets in your building. The proteins [keratin] contained in carpets, wools, leather, furs etc. provide a great diet for this pesky pest!

The carpet beetle

In the UK, the most common species are the varied carpet beetle and the furniture carpet beetle.

Both species are about 2-4mm in size, and have a varied pattern of white, brown, and yellow spots and / or scales on their back.

Their larvae are commonly called “woolly bears”, and are approximately 4-5mm in size, with a series of dense tufts / bristles located on each side at the rear end of the body giving rise to their ‘fluffy’ name.

The life cycle

A female carpet beetle normally lays around 40 eggs. These hatch usually after a couple of weeks.

The larvae [woolly bears] will live for a period of 7-10 months, feeding almost continuously.

The larvae then turns to pupa and an adult beetle will emerge about one month later. The adults normally only live for a period of 2-6 weeks. From here the life cycle repeats itself and problems very quickly spread.


Preventing and treating carpet beetle infestations

Small infestations can be dealt with using a combination of vacuuming, cleaning, and general purpose crawling insect sprays or powders [available in chemists, garden centres etc].

However, these insects will wander, which can mean wide areas can become infested.

Controlling these textile pests

Ideally, you should try and trace the source of the infestation. This could be an old bird or squirrel nest [in the loft for example], some dead animal remains, some old wool based lagging or debris beneath and between floor boards.

Should vacuuming and cleaning fail to address the problem, then we can help…

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