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How To Spot Ant Problems

Types of Ants

There are over 50 species of ant found in the UK, but you will probably only experience issues with a couple of these.

Most commonly [during the summer months at least], the black garden ant will cause you the most problems.

The Black Garden Ant

The queen is 15mm long and brown in colour. The worker ants are about 5mm in length.

They are a nuisance because of their foraging habits, and will regularly enter a premises looking for any type of sweet or fatty food stuffs.

Controlling Black Garden Ants yourself

Worker ants will enter buildings through the smallest of gaps foraging for food. When it finds a food source, it will leave a chemical trail of scent so that other ants in the colony can find it.

You will most likely suffer problems during the summer months, and the cheapest way to prevent them from entering your premises is by regularly wiping down work surfaces, floors etc and removing any potential food sources [spillages, crumbs etc].

It may sound cruel, but if you see an ant in your kitchen for example, kill it! Otherwise, it may be laying a trail for other ants to follow.

Regularly mopping floors will also help to remove these residual trails.

A pest controller’s problem

Our biggest problem with ants is short of knocking holes in walls and floors, more often than not, we cannot access the nest. Hence, we cannot easily treat the source of the problem.

Long term, the key to complete eradication is proofing, and scrupulous attention to hygiene and housekeeping.

However, in the short term we can always help. By using a combination of sprays, dusts and gels, we can address the problem for you, break the breading cycle and accelerate the riddance process.


The Pharaoh Ant and the Argentine Ant

The Pharaoh ant is smaller [about 2mm] and tends to be a yellow / yellow-brown in colour.
Together with the similar [but blackish] Argentine ant, they are of tropical origin and will only live in heated buildings in the UK.

They have adapted well to living here, and are of a greater significance because they carry harmful germs which they pick up when feeding on decomposing food matter and faeces.

One significant feature is the fact that each colony has many nests and also many queens.  Should a colony be exposed to a threat, it will simply satellite off and create other colonies, usually deeper within the fabric of a building.

These ants have to be controlled by stealth. Simply spraying or dusting is just going to make the situation worse.

If you have a suspected problem with ants ask us how we can help…

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